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The Party - Lot 25

Charmasson 22061 "Barbie"

Manifest (No Lie x Risky Business X "Big Bertha" (9006 Sneaky Pete / 415 OTL)


What a Looker!!! It's not often that we let females of this caliber leave the farm. Especially ones that were shown and have hung some banners. " Barbie" was shown all year by Callen Oldenburg and was a breed champion at both the Tulsa State Fair and Oklahoma Youth Expo. She has a very unique pedigree tracing back to our old OTL daughter who dammed several keeper females, not to mention being sired by Manifest. These Manifest daughters are making outstanding producers around here as well as for those who have bred to him. Check out the video and see for yourself how fundamentally correct this ewe is. Tall fronted, good bodied, sound and still offers plenty of muscle.

The Party - Lot 42

Charmasson 23011

Quicksilver (Saban x Crow) X "Margo" (21111 Irish Diplomacy / 9061 Sneaky Pete)


Here is one of those females that checks a lot of the boxes!! 23011 is crazy shallow and still extremely shapely. Watching her float around the pen is what makes id hard to part with her. She is one that will make an impressive mature ewe. Being out of a strong ewe family, I think she has serious donor potential. Her dam is a maternal sister to the ewe Trey Bates was Reserve Supreme with at the 2019 San Antonio Stock Show.

The Party - Lot 43

Charmasson 23018

Whiskey Charm (The Legend x Goodwin 34 / Tommy) X "Pipi" (20035 Manifest / 415 OTL)


As we are entering our second year of using Whiskey Charm, we are finding out how well he sires good ones. 23018 is nothing short of a near perfect speciman. As you can see from the pics and video she is one goosey necked, choked fronted ewe lamb that still has a ton of shape. She stands wide on all corners, is giant in her cage and back as well. She is another one that goes back to our old OTL ewe and that family makes killers. Whiskey Charm just happens to be the sire of the popular ewe Cade showed this past year that was supreme at Oklahoma State Fair and Tulsa State Fair. If your looking for that next piece to your puzzle, I would pay close attention here!

The Party - Lot 44

Charmasson 23030

Re-Ride (Manifest x Light'em Up) X 21012 Popcorn / 6032 Chuck Norris


We havent offered many Re-Ride daughters for sale. Mainly due to the fact that we have been so happy with what he's done that we have been hording tham. We hoped that he would extend the Manifest and Light'em Up blood lines and that’s exactly what has happened. This particular female has a lot to offer. Not only phenotypically, but more so genetically. Her extended ewe family goes all the way back to Thunder Up. 21012 is actually the triplet sister to our high selling ewe lamb at the 2021 Midwest Elite purchased by Hobbs Hamphires. She might not be the show ewe that you are looking for, but I can assure you that she will lay down and make babies worth some coin.

The Party - Lot 45

Charmasson 23052 ET

Quicksilver (Saban x Crow) X "Nina" (20059 Manifest / 8081 2nd Chance)


How do we come to terms with offering this one??? Trust me when I say, this is not an easy call. We only got two females out of this flush so letting go of one is tough! 23052 is out of the same dam as "Outsider". This mating is special and we hope to generate another set this next year. As you can seee this girl is another one that is above average on her look and extension. She's still a little green, but has that show ring presence. Give her time and she will be as stout as you would ever want. Quicksilver exceeded our expectaions and will see severall more ewes this fall.

The Party - Lot 46

Charmasson 23059 ET

Outsider (Uncensored x Manifest) X "Macey" (20016 Machine / AM-1520 Gold Rush


Pay attention here…. This one might be the sleeper of our group! 23059 is out of a very good flush. This is the first year we have flushed "Macey" and she did not disapoint us in the least. Giving us several options that allows us to let go of a daughter makes things fun. If you want one that is extremely wide based and stout made then here she is. 23059 still has a geeky neck for being as opened up and big muscled as she is. This is one is out of a long line of donors seeing how her grand dam is the Gold Rush ewe we purchased from the Allison Mcgolden buy out we called "Nae Nae". "Outsider" has sired a set of lambs this year that makes us excited for his future.

The Party - Lot 47

Charmasson 23111

Show Stopper (Manifest x Package Man) X 2081 2nd Ammendment / Light'em Up


This might be the last lot we are offering, but I wouldn’t blink and miss her. This is a yonger ewe lamb that we decided to let go of. We wanted to showcase something out of another "Manifest" son we call "Show Stopper". He was an ET lamb from last year that had a slow start so we decided to leave him in tact. That decision was actually easier than it sounds due to the fact fact he's a full sib to one of our favorite donors, "Desy". 23111's dam is one that has an impressive story as well. She is a sister to the ewe we won Supreme with at the 2021 Nugget in Reno. This ewe lamb has the ability to make a fancy show lamb, but even more so a phenominal breeding piece. Check this gal out!!!

8 Arm Walker

Stored inside - both directions


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